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Prosthodontist in Dallas

The American Dental Association recognizes prosthodontics as a dental specialty. Dental professionals in this field, such as Dr. Higginbottom and Dr. Derksen, are uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat patients with teeth that are functionally or cosmetically deficient; patients who have tooth loss; and patients with oral and maxillofacial problems.

The Qualifications of a Prosthodontist

If you’re looking for a doctor to help with complex cosmetic or restorative dental services, consider visiting a prosthodontist for help. While a general dentist provides excellent care for some cosmetic and restorative treatments, prosthodontists have at least three years of advanced training beyond dental school that enables them to help patients who have cases that require more advanced treatment. 

What Makes a Prosthodontist Different from Other Dental Professionals?

To answer this question, let’s look at the meaning of the word prosthodontist. “Prostho” comes from the Latin root that means to add to or replace; “dontist” derives from the Greek word for tooth, “odon.” Hence, a prosthodontist is the recognized expert in the field of dentistry for replacing anything in the mouth. Prosthodontists can replace a single missing tooth or even all of the teeth, as well as gum tissue in your mouth.

During their additional education, prosthodontists are trained to address the problems that result from missing teeth and jaw structure. They are skilled at providing dental implants, crown and bridge, full and partial dentures and the treatment of temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ.  With expertise and experience, prosthodontists are like architects and artists creating beautiful and healthy smiles. Often, general dentists refer their patients to prosthodontists, but referrals are not necessary. 

Selecting a Prosthodontist

If you’ve been told that you have a particularly complex dental case, then you may want to select a prosthodontist. Drs. Higginbottom and Derksen have the advanced education, expertise, and experience to address issues that general dentists may not often see. Moreover, a prosthodontist is able to use advanced technology so you are certain to receive the most up-to-date treatment.

For more information about prosthodontics, call our office. Dr. Higginbottom and Dr. Derksen would be happy to consult with you. Alternatively, you can visit the website of the American College of Prosthodontists to learn more about this dental specialty.

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