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Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings in Dallas

During your teeth cleaning, your hygienist may offer tips for improving your homecare routine. We also recommend specific products based on your particular needs. Some of our patients may benefit from using a different toothpaste while others will consider adding mouthwash to their routine. We can talk to you about all of these things and offer personalized suggestions while you are in our Dallas dental office.

Following your cleaning, Dr. Higginbottom, Dr. Derksen, or Dr. Hildebrand completes a full oral exam. During your exam, we’ll look for any dental problems including gum disease, tooth decay, TMJ dysfunction, and oral cancer. Our goal, for both cleanings and exams, is to find any problems as early as possible, and begin treating the issues before they have a chance to progress.

Should any problems be found by Dr. Higginbottom, Dr. Derksen, or Dr. Hildebrand, treatment options to correct the problems will be discussed and a treatment plan devised. Not everyone will need additional care, but if you’re one of the patients who do, we’ll be your partners in creating a quality treatment plan for you.